Who the heck is Pam Kaelin?

Well,when I started this blog, I did it under an assumed name. But, you know what… why hide? My name is Pam Kaelin. You may know me in my life in my other roles such as mother of two great kids, coffee addict and general workaholic. Until recently, I  lived in Pennsylvania and helped run several family businesses which include everything from industrial metals and fabrication to Native American jewelry sales. Then after losing weight, gaining confidence and becoming in charge of my life…I bought a house and moved to Connecticut! I still work in the industrial metals industry, but I also help out in the weight loss counseling here in Connecticut at Kim Bensen Weight Loss Center in Shelton, CT. But there’s another side of me, a very private part of me that I’ve ventured to put out in this blog.

I started this biggest weight loss journey in January of 2011 after I hit a very emotional rock-bottom in December of 2010. Nobody really knew how much emotional pain I was in except myself. I was out to recreate and reinvent myself. I was looking back at my life and felt I screwed myself out of years of my life. Years of being miserable and doing nothing about it. So now I am. It’s about going forward, it’s about taking the cards we’re dealt and playing them with a smile on our faces. It’s about loving life.

I can’t remember what it’s like to be thin. All my life I’ve been labeled “the fat one” and I’ve made some positive changes to finally put that label to rest.  Seems like everyone else in the family now is worried who’s getting that name tag. Along the way there have been issues…. and there are always issues. How do you put over 40 years of fat in the trashcan without having issues? A little bit crazy, a little bit irreverent (maybe more than a little), something to make you think, something to chew on… besides food. This is a blog written for anyone who’s losing weight, trying to lose weight, thinking about losing weight… or one of you skinny sons-of-bitches who has no clue what it’s like to live fat. It’s for the last kid chosen to play flag football, it’s for the kid who was never asked to the prom, it’s for the kid who was teased, called names and laughed at for being fat. It’s for the kid whose parents made them feel like dirt for being fat or punished them for gaining weight. It’s for the significant other who suddenly became insignificant because of looks. It’s for the ones who got dumped in exchange for the stereotypical skinnies. It’s for the ones who have yo-yo’d so much in weight, they’re dizzy. It’s for those who have eaten themselves sick in the middle of the night when nobody is watching them eat. It’s for the ones who have cried themselves to sleep because they feel ugly, put upon, left behind and ALONE… because they’re fat. It’s for ones who start to lose weight and nobody cares. It’s for the ones who look in the mirror and see themselves fat when they’re not anymore. It’s for all of us.

So join me on this journey. I’m not doing anything extraordinary to lose weight. Like I tell people… “Move more, eat less.”  More specifically, I am following a program called Xchanges by Kim Bensen, author of the book Finally Thin.  You can find out more about that program at kimbensen.com  More importantly, you’ll find that website does not force you to follow her program for her and her members’ support. It’s those members, those that call ourselves Kimmies, that have pulled me through my darkest hours and virtually cheered in my triumphs.  This is the stories of a Kimmie…who’s gettin’ skinny.

As the tattoo on my wrist says “Sine metu” (pronounced seen-ay may-too)
Latin for “Go forward without fear!”

Please note that the I do not receive any compensation for any weight loss program, website or product mentioned. I just like to give kudos out to good stuff and good people and let y’all know what’s on my mind!!


2 thoughts on “Who the heck is Pam Kaelin?

  1. good blog so far. Congrats on the weight loss so far, and good luck on the rest of your journey.

  2. Oh, I love a good latin phrase!! That’s a great one. I like Carpe Diem, but enough already.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I really relate to a lot of it.

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