We have a heat warning in effect til Wednesday evening so here in the shop where I work, I’m making sure the guys have plenty of fluids.

Water is MOST times your best bet to replenish the body of lost fluids. If you have great tasting clean well water, I always recommend that for the extra minerals. I got my well water tested, so I know it is safe from contaminants. Being a cancer survivor, this is important to me. Many people who rely on municipal water systems buy their water from the grocery store and other avenues in jugs. What you might not know is that water might have been purified through a process called REVERSE OSMOSIS. Honestly, you want to avoid that water. Brand names that use this process are Dasani by Coca Cola and Aquafina to name just a couple. While there are some health advantages, such as taking out certain poisons, there are some major health DISADVANTAGES to drinking water done by reverse osmosis.

ALL THE MINERALS are stripped in this water. Some of the name brands are putting minerals back in, but most times, this water is VOID of minerals. What does that mean to you? Well, when you drink it, the water is rolling through your body and it’s void, it’s like a sponge and it’s literally SUCKING minerals OUT of you along the way. That’s right, most bottled water SUCKS!  It’s actually HURTING you more than helping you. Just popping a multi vitamin or eating a banana will NOT fix this. STOP DRINKING REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER! Look for spring water that is specifically not subject to purification processes.  Zephyrhills Water comes from Zephyrhills, Florida. I know this because I have ex-inlaws that live in that town. This water is not chemically or scientifically filtered…what comes out of the ground is what you get. Poland Springs and Deer Park are other good brand names. What about that big old cooler in the grocery store where everyone takes their empty jugs? ASK THEM! Our local grocery store uses reverse osmosis in that cooler and I warn people about it.

Once I stopped drinking bought bottled water, specifically reverse osmosis water, I felt so much healthier with more energy, my skin took on a better tone and people stopped telling me how “tired” I looked. I wasn’t drinking MORE water, I was drinking BETTER water.

If you need your water to taste better consider using citrus slices such as lemon, lime or orange. Mio water additive. Sugar free mix in such as Crystal Light. The Amish and Mennonite community around here add in apple cider vinegar and blackberries, it surprisingly not only tastes good – it has some great health benefits! There’s tons of books on vinegar and it’s healthy benefits so look them up! Berries have antioxidants! Eating cold soup is another great way to stay hydrated and keep cool. Tomato and veggie soups are great cold ~ just get out of the mindset that you have to eat soup hot. Adding lemon to your water, not only adds a good taste – you’re adding health benefits such as balancing your pH levels, boosting your immune system and aids digestion.

In this heat, the things to avoid are caffeinated beverages such as full strength coffee, iced tea, diet (and regular) soda/pop, energy drinks loaded with artificial ingredients and caffeine and other heart damaging garbage. Don’t feel you HAVE to jump right to Gatorade and sports drinks because THEY say you have to replenish electrolytes. If you’re out in construction sweating all day, in an environment where you are sweating profusely… maybe. If you’re sitting at your desk and the air conditioning got shut off and you’re sweating a bit.. I’m sorry, “perspiring”… then no. Get away from the processed crap and drink water.

This is just a quickie blog while I’m thinking about it, here’s some links to “chew” on:




Do your research, get your fluids in, drink more soup and lemon water and stay hydrated, peeps!!

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