There Is No Finish Line

Today was a good day as I stepped on the scale. 205. Only 5.1 pounds until ONEderland and I feel I’ll hit it this month. My spirits are high, my motivation is good and I’d like to hit in October.

October is, how do I say it… a sucky month for me. I have too many negative associations with October. October 13th used to be my wedding anniversary until I got booted from the marriage, then it became the exact day I received my cancer diagnosis in 2006. October is the month the divorce was finalized. October is the month I now go through major post-op cancer testing. Can you say YUCK!!! But I want to cover all that with hitting ONEderland, (a weight that starts with a 1) this month. Then all the rest of the mucky muck can just be cataloged in the bad memory department of my brain because I will put this on my mental shelves like a trophy that never tarnishes. I can see the finish line on the horizon.

Lately, the scale numbers have been peeling off slower, I expected that. So it feels like a marathon and it can feel grueling when you can SEE that line up there waiting for you. You can see the people waiting there, cheering you on and it can be a little exhausting. It feels like I’m on a treadmill and it’s just not getting closer.  It is getting closer. Just not as fast as I’d like. But that’s ok.

I call it a finish line just because I will make it to a weight of 199.9 or less. But, of course, that’s not the finish. In fact, it’s the start of a whole new race, down to 150, my goal. All in all, I guess there is never a finish line especially once you hit goal and maintenance.  Then it just becomes a marathon for the rest of your life… but it’s a race I can’t wait to register in!

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2 thoughts on “There Is No Finish Line

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